Summer Trends

So i’ve decided to upload a Youtube Video on Grunge Trends for this summer. I think many of her ideas are really cool. In the lookbook she shows us the basic items that you would need in order to fully achieve that grunge summer look. so feel free to comment on whether you like the video too or if you would like me to write another blog about where to purchase such items.


Winter things


Spring is around the corner, but unfortunately Cape Towns weather is still full on winter at the moment. So I thought I could be of some assistance with some really amazing winter outfit choices that I personally like. Because we all know the struggle of having to wake up in the morning and sit for hours wondering what to wear, or going through numerous changes before finally settling on something. So here are a few looks that could easily be put together:

Grunge-Rock-Winter-Outfits-For-Women-3[1]This look is quite simple and can be easily pulled off by almost anyone who has a pair of black jeans, a good leather jacket and a funky shirt, the play in this outfit is with the boots, the wooden heel gives it a rustic edgy feel to the look, along with a beanie, black satchel and a pair of Ray Ban glasses and you’re ready for work, campus, or a night out.

Grunge-Rock-Winter-Outfits-For-Women-7[1]This outfit choice is much more grunge, as most of the items are like basic grunge style items for any outfit, and they just happen to all be combined. A dark of black denim skinny jeans, with the classic check shirt and a denim waist-jacket is the perfect look for those Cape Town days when it’s not raining but it’s still REALLY cold!(Hence the combat boots and  beanie, LOL)

Grunge-Rock-Winter-Outfits-For-Women-13[1]Okay, so this is like one of the most typical looks i have seen this entire winter, Once again, the main staple item, a pair of comfy black denim jeans with a plain white t-shirt works really good with a khaki jacket( which seems to be the latest trend right now as literally every second girl has it on), with this outfit its basically how you accessorize this specific look that makes it so good. By adding the brown leather combat boots and matching backpack, and that warm red scarf gives it the perfect colour combination and warmth that you look for in this cold month.

So these are some of my favourite looks for while it’s still winter, stay posted for more!

A day in the life..


I feel that in the fashion industry grunge fashion is largely ignored. The industry does not appreciate this unique sense of style, and you end up just hearing that you look “depressed”, “emo” or “Goth” if you look grunge. I feel that grunge is one of the most effortless and comfortable fashions that are out there. Not everyone realises the uniqueness of Grunge, it’s a style all on its own, where the user isn’t afraid to mix things up and look weird. I mean, even I do. People don’t like hearing that they look grunge or anything related to that but let’s face the facts, I’m sure we all have a pair of ripped skinny jeans in our cupboards, even some guys do. So wearing grunge fashion isn’t anything to be ashamed of, it just means that you’re being unique and embracing a side of you that might not be that socially acceptable.

Today’s Grunge Fashion


Today’s grunge fashion are mostly inspired from the 90’s fashion style. It has an effortless look to it which grabs my attention the most. The use of all black clothing, beanies, combat boots and thigh high socks has always caught my attention and that is possibly why I’m so in love with the idea of grunge.