A day in the life..


I feel that in the fashion industry grunge fashion is largely ignored. The industry does not appreciate this unique sense of style, and you end up just hearing that you look “depressed”, “emo” or “Goth” if you look grunge. I feel that grunge is one of the most effortless and comfortable fashions that are out there. Not everyone realises the uniqueness of Grunge, it’s a style all on its own, where the user isn’t afraid to mix things up and look weird. I mean, even I do. People don’t like hearing that they look grunge or anything related to that but let’s face the facts, I’m sure we all have a pair of ripped skinny jeans in our cupboards, even some guys do. So wearing grunge fashion isn’t anything to be ashamed of, it just means that you’re being unique and embracing a side of you that might not be that socially acceptable.